The Amazing Arizona Con – A Growing Convention With Ideas

Amazing Arizona Con 2014


This past weekend I drove out to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Amazing Arizona Con. It was a well organized show that had the honor of debuting the Image Revolution movie as well as having Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman in attendance. It also had a few publishers like Aspen, Boom and Zenescope.


This was my first time attending this show though I’m a regular at the Phoenix Comic con so not only am I familiar with the city but also the convention center. I knew a lot of the guests and exhibitors… heck, I knew a lot of the fans as Phoenix is one of the most dedicated fan bases I’ve ever seen. It’s a great community of collectors/readers and a strong group of cosplayers.


As for the show, it was pretty good. You can see it’s still growing. I know it started in Tucson and I believe this is the first year in Phoenix proper (I could be wrong). They may have moved over a bit early, could have grown some more in Tucson, but either way the show was well run and well advertised. The biggest thing being that Sunday had a better turn out than Friday or Saturday. How is that possible? Groupon. The con offered a Groupon and as you can see by the pictures below, it worked. I’ve never heard of a con using Groupon before, but it was definitely a clever idea.


This is a show that could grow into something special and seems to be on the right path. We’ll have to see what they do next year.

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