The Midnight Beast Wants A Word…

Posted by January 28, 2014 Comment

There is, apparently, a sitcom on E4 called The Midnight Beast.

I have never heard of it. It’s probably for young folk.

But they did send this trailer in, addressed by the cast, to Bleeding Cool readers. That’s you lot.

So I feel obliged to run it below.

E4 is the home of The Inbetweeners and Misfits, which I adored, though I do miss the days of nobleandsilver: Get Off Me, TV Go Home, Los Dos Bros, and the like which everyone, even those working for E4 now, seem to have forgotten.

Still, it’s nice to be mentioned. The second episode is on tomorrow and no doubt the first one, and the first series, is available on 4OD. Which can be accessed by everyone in the UK, and everyone else faking their IP…

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