Captain America 3 Coming Together, Anthony And Joe Russo Attached To Direct


Buoyed by recent test screenings of The Winter Solider, Marvel have reportedly started developing a third Captain America instalment with directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

Variety point out, however, that no deals will be signed until after Cap 2 has come out and shown its box office colours. These things always come down to money, it would seem, and they can’t really have that argument about how much the Russos are worth just yet.

This is a nice show of confidence, however, and it’ll be interesting to see what effect, if any, there is to the Russos coming in on the ground floor. The directors are said to be at work right now on drawing up a story arc – of course with the guidance of Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios brain trust, no doubt.

We’re yet to hear of any movement on Thor 3, incidentally…