Rumour: Pixar Making A Star Wars Movie

pixar ballI do believe somebody has gotten ahold of the wrong end of the stick.

Anyway, here’s how the story goes, according to Latino Review: Pixar have been tasked to make a Star Wars movie. That’s it. That’s all they really have.

I’ve run this up the flagpole with some folk I know in and around the animation community and… well, they all but laughed.

Am I saying there aren’t plans for an animated Star Wars film? No. I’m just saying that they don’t have anything to do with Pixar. Well, not in any sense that The Muppets or Tron: Legacy or even Maleficent don’t also share.

All of those films, you see, were put before John Lasseter and Ed Catmull’s Brain Trust for feedback, commentary and, depending on how you think of writing precisely, a little rewriting.

But none of them were Pixar movies.

I personally don’t believe that Disney would violate the seclusion of Pixar’s brand to do this. Maybe I’m wrong. But… if I am wrong, then why does every single person I know who might have had some whiff of this actually seem to have a very different idea of what’s going on? And the same very different idea?

So, sooner or later, expect to see another animated Star Wars movie. Maybe it will be directed by a Pixar vet. Maybe it will be produced by Pixar alums. Maybe the animators will all have Pixar titles on their resumes. Just don’t expect to see a hopping lamp in the opening credits.

I you want to see what Pixar actually are doing, there’s another new story at Bleeding Cool that’s way more exciting than any old Star Wars rumour, anyhow