I’d Never Seen This Concept Art For McG And JJ Abrams’ Superman, Codename “Flyby” Before

Jim Martin was a concept artist on the unfilmed Superman project developed by JJ Abrams and McG. This is the one where Lex Luthor was a Kryptonian, Superman’s suit was sentient and all sorts of other craziness that stops just short of Nicolas Cage. You probably heard that it was being developed under the name “Flyby” and you may have even read a draft of the screenplay.

Martin might well have had his development images up on his website for an age, but I was just today alerted to it by the concept art fiends at Sketchr.

So, no, this isn’t news, but it is a curiosity.

superman flyby

And, yes, that reminds me of this too:

superman returns

More images on Martin’s site.