Universal War Comes To Titan?

518EQnTbHoLDenis Bajram’s Universal War One was one of the most outstanding graphic novels that got reprinted in English by Marvel during their four year long joint-venture with French publisher Soleil (2008-2011). Originally released in the sumptuous oversized European format, Marvel adapted the material into US-sized format: 6 comic-books and 2 hardcover collections.

Recently, Variety reported on a big screen adaptation assigned to U.S. scribe Skip Woods, whose credits include “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “A Good Day to Die Hard,”

Unsurprisingly, such a high-profile book has now sparked the interest of a new English-language publisher, Titan Comics, whose plans to aggressively increase the European originated section of their catalog were covered by Bleeding Cool recently

Now, on top of that, Titan wants to collect Universal One War, the whole 300 page shebang, into one single volume.

But first, they have to convince Denis Bajram. The one-man orchestra who writes, pencils, inks, colors and letters the Universal War saga, and who recently released in France the first installment of the long-awaited second part Universal War Two, is seriously ponder the offer he has received from Titan Books’ comic label.

At least, that’s what we can infer from this post on his Facebook wall, where he asks:

“Question aux pros du marché comics anglo-saxon : Universal War One en intégrale anglaise chez Titan Books, est-ce que ça vous parait être une bonne idée ?”

Yes, Denis, it does sound like a good idea…

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