Margot Robbie Is Jane In Tarzan Sequel, Also Joins Apocalyptic Thriller Z For Zachariah

margot robbie I had a feeling during ABC’s short-lived Pan Am series that Margot Robbie would be a massive star, and after The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s becoming more inevitable than ever. She’s racking up the roles, and landed two more over the weekend.

The Wrap confirms what’s been rumored for a couple months now, that Robbie has landed the role of Jane in David Yates’ new Tarzan film, which sees Alexander Skarsgard as a post-jungle jungle man, several years after he’s integrated back into human society. An order from the Queen sends him back into the wilds of the Congo, where he’ll team up with Samuel L. Jackson to take down Christoph Waltz. That’s the rumor, anyway. Will Jane get to tag along? I sure hope so.

Robbie has also snatched up the lead role in Z for Zachariah, which had been previously earmarked for Amanda Seyfried. Now Robbie will play Ann, a young woman who believes she’s the last survivor of a nuclear holocaust, and is startled one day when two men (Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor) wander onto her land. Craig Zobel will direct.

She’s already wrapped two more movies since Wolf, Suite Francaise with Michelle Williams, and Focus with Will Smith.

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