Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Fan Art From 1976

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Fan Art From 1976

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Back in 1976, when the loves of my life were, if I remember correctly, The Wombles, young Peter Capaldi was a regular contributor to Doctor Who International Fan Club Magazine.

One of his nicest submissions was this image of The TARDIS, scanned and shared by The Event Library.

peter capaldi fan art

It’s been hypothesised that this was either Vulcan or Vortis. I don’t know. Looks craggy, but I’m liking the rendering of the light. Hats off to Widdle Capaldi. Maybe he could have had a future in Doctor Who comics if that acting thing hadn’t panned out.

But, by lord, did it pan out. I wonder how unreal this all feels to him right now? It makes me incredibly happy just think about it.

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