Liz Moran's Knickers Doomed Miracleman Free Digital Edition

So, yes, there are two digital versions of Miracleman #1 from Marvel on ComiXology. A Mass Market version and a Parental Advisory version. The first is for a 17 + audience for "for strong language and content" as if strong language wasn't content. But the only difference I can tell is that in one of them, Liz Moran has had purple knickers painted on her, and on one, she hasn't.


And apparently this is why there was no free digital version with the printed version which, as far as I can tell, appears to the Parental Advisory version. When Tom Brevoort was asked

Hey Tom, What made you decide not to have a free digital code inside Miracleman #1?

He replied,

The need for differences between the material as originally printed, and what we're permitted to release in the digital space. As aspects of the story are having to be adjusted in order to pass muster in the digital edition (whereas the print edition preserves the material as it was originally presented), it became untenable to link the two together.

Unless… they could have linked to the Parental Advisory Edition? Or was that a solution to the situation as it unravelled itself and the lack of a pantless version rankled someone at Marvel? Or is it that while ComiXology offers both version, Marvel only offers the censored version on their own digital store.

And yes, how Marvel will present a Mass Market version of the birth issue will be… interesting.

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