Donal Logue Up For Harvey Bullock Role In Gotham‏

donal-logue Earlier this week, Latino Review ran a story claiming, mistakenly, that Donal Logue had been offered the role of Commissioner Gordon in Gotham. I didn’t touch it because, while not saying anything I shouldn’t, I know that the Gordon they’re lining up isn’t at all in the Donal Logue mode.

There’s some clarification tonight, though, as Latino Review have edited their story and noted that Logue was instead offered the role of Gotham PD’s Harvey Bullock, a donut-loving mentor to James Gordon.

Now, Logue may not take the role, but this whole thing is worth mentioning for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, so that I can plug Terriers, the short lived detective show that Logue starred in and is available on Netflix in the US now. Watch it. And do me a favour and tweet, early and often, about your desire to see it released on Blu-ray. Go on. I’d do it for you.

And secondly, because it reveals that Bullock is a character in the show.

Sometimes in the comics Bullock is a bad guy, other times he’s essentially good but a bit of a rule-bender. We don’t yet know if the role will go beyond Gotham’s pilot episode let alone whether or not he’ll be revealed to be on Gordon’s side or not.

Anyway. Sit tight and expect to hear about the casting of Jim Gordon soon.