Here's That Big Spider-Man Spoiler That Dan Slott Warned You About [SPOILER]

Here’s That Big Spider-Man Spoiler That Dan Slott Warned You About [SPOILER]

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Well then.  With the spoiler in headlines pretty much everywhere already, it’s going to be impossible to avoid seeing this one, I imagine, but:


We saw this one coming. It was leaking like crazy throughout the week. And now, NY Daily News has the word from Marvel:

Thirteen months after Spider-Man’s alter-ego was fatally squashed in the pages of his comic book, Peter Parker is about to make a miraculous recovery.

The nerdy Queens-born super hero had gone out losing to the nefarious Dr. Octopus — who trapped his arch-enemy’s mind in his own dying body just in time for him to croak. Doc Ock, aka Otto Octavius, survived in Parker’s body to take up the mantle of Spider-Man with no one else the wiser.

Writer Dan Slott had known Parker’s demise wasn’t permanent and the wall-crawling Mets fan would be back in the relaunched “Amazing Spider-Man” series that debuts this April, but he had to endure reaction ranging from death threats to Internet backlash to childrens’ tears while maintaining secrecy



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