Spoiler Rumour: Two Big Cameos Set For 22 Jump Street

21 jump street

It’s out there now. 22 Jump Street is set to feature a couple of neat cameos, and while they were designed to be surprises, word is spreading across social media, blogs and toilet cubicle walls. Consider this story your warning to look away.

Now, aside from the cameos I know of at least one bigger surprise that the picture has up its sleeve – a real movie twist, the kind that people will buzz about – but I’m not going to be the one to publish it. No way.

Radar Online dropped both surprise actor names, across a couple of posts – one on Christmas Day, the other on January 3rd. I was going to make you click over to their originals if you wanted to see them but… er… that’s almost rewarding Radar for leaking this stuff, not to mention all the other dodgy stuff they get up to. They’re a touch too TMZ for my tastes.

So I’m going to link you to Film Drunk’s story instead.

Now stop reading about 22 Jump Street because I don’t want you to stumble on the big movie twist by mistake, should it materialise anywhere.