The Latest Rumours For X-Men, All-New And Legacy, And For Ant-Man And AI

Hulk-1-Opena-Cover-2333aA rather fun Marvel source came through with a few stories this morning. Before I’d even written one of them up, it had already been confirmed by a PR push given to CBR, that the Indestructible Hulk book would get a major shake up but that Mark Waid would stay on the book.

And indeed, it’s getting a relaunch with Mark Bagley on art as Hulk.

Banner’s in a VERY bad way physically as the series opens up a few hours after the end of the previous one — and you’ll be surprised in whose hands his life rests! For the time being, Banner and Hulk will be divided in a way we’ve never seen before on a long-term basis, and those who are eager to see the Hulk once more be his “own” character will be very pleased, I think.

So what else?

Well, I’m told to expect details on All New X-Men #25 this week, which will apparently have a number of high profile guest artists.

We’ll also find out exactly what is happening with X-Men Legacy, with a strong possibility the Skottie Young will be joining the creative team. The recent listing for the collection of the Human Torch story he drew, on Amazon, might also help that indication. And to look out for clues regarding the recently teased Utopians comic.

That we’ll also see the end of Avengers A.I. in April, but to expect a new Hank Pym – Ant Man book to spinoff from it immediately afterwards.

And there are some dodgier rumours regarding the future of Spider-Man, but they are probably worth saving for another post…

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