Lying In The Gutters - The Twenty Most Popular Posts Of 2013. And Then The Twenty Most Popular Comics Ones. Happy New Year From The UK.

Lying In The Gutters – The Twenty Most Popular Posts Of 2013. And Then The Twenty Most Popular Comics Ones. Happy New Year From The UK.

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It’s midnight here in the UK, where Head Comics Writer Rich Johnston and Head Film Writer Brendon Connelly are toasting your health. Richard has champagne from Fortnums, Brendon has Mountain Dew. But the principle is the same.

Bleeding Cool is coming up for its fifth anniversary, and there is so much to come in 2014. But for now… which were the most-read stories of the year?

It’s an interesting point. Week by week, the weekly Lying In The Gutters, measuring the popular stories of that week is usually dominated by comic book stories. But if you take the year as a whole? It’s almost all film and TV stories. Comics news, it seems, has a shorter tail…

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Year

  1. SCOOP: Star Wars Episode Seven Character Details
  2. Watch: Amazing Footage Of The Day The Clown Cried
  3. You Might Not Believe Who Pops Up After The Man Of Steel End Credits
  4. Spike Lee Dismisses Juan Luis Garcia With A Single, Flat Out Cold Tweet
  5. Best Camera Test Ever – But Canon Didn’t Think It Was Funny
  6. Netflix Now Offering Films In 3D, If You’ve Got The Kit For It
  7. Will Doctor Who Have A Very Special Surprise For Us In November?
  8. Ben Affleck Is Batman In Superman/Batman Film, Opening July 17th 2015
  9. Report: Christopher Nolan Offered The Next James Bond Film
  10. Looks Like Paul McGann Has Filmed A New Doctor Who Something But What?
  11. The Doctor Who Finale Has Escaped Into The Wild – The Name Of The Doctor Is Out
  12. Official: BBC To Reveal New Doctor Who In Live Broadcast This Sunday
  13. The IT Crowd To Return For One More Episode, Filming In The Next Few Weeks
  14. Katee Sackhoff Says She’s Had Conversations With Marvel About Her Availability Next Year
  15. New Star Trek Poster Is Your Reward For Not Ogling Alice Eve In Her Underwear
  16. Steven Moffat’s Unused Doctor Who Story Arc – What If David Tennant Had Stayed For One More Year
  17. The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumour Gains A Little Momentum. Three Tons Worth.
  18. Ted 2 Filming In September, Transformers 4 In May
  19. Big Time Comic Fan, Jeffrey Babbitt, Dies After Race Hate Attack
  20. Sharknado: The Tornado Made Out Of Sharks

And The Top Ten Posts Of The Year That Had Something To With Comics

  1. Big Time Comic Fan, Jeffrey Babbitt, Dies After Race Hate Attack
  2. Almost Two Hundred San Diego Comic Con Cosplayers
  3. Does Original Killing Joke Artwork Reveal Greater Sexual Intent For Batgirl?
  4. Oblivion, Based On The Non-Existing Graphic Novel
  5. Tess Fowler And Modern Day Misogyny In The Comics Industry
  6. When Batman Sits Down
  7. Five Hundred And Twenty-Five Free Digital Comics From ComiXology
  8. JH Williams III Walks Off Batwoman Over DC Not Allowing Her Marriage To Maggie Sawyer
  9. Apple Bans Saga On iPads And iPhones Over Gay Sex (UPDATE: No It’s Not)
  10. The Bullying Of Creators – Paul Jenkins Talks About Leaving DC And Marvel For Boom
  11. Will Nightwing Get Civil Warred?
  12. All Ultimate Titles Cancelled In November And Replaced With Cataclysm
  13. Will Your Superman Domo Have Underwear On The Outside Or Not?
  14. WTF? Does Red Hood And The Outlaws #19 Full Cover Have Death Of The Family Spoilers?
  15. The Entire History Of The Marvel Universe Is Now Post-9/11
  16. No More Calling Them Mutants – Uncanny Avengers #5
  17. Fialkov Left DC Comics Over Plans To Kill Off John Stewart
  18. Batwoman #17 To Dominate Media For DC Comics Today
  19. Did Bruce Wayne Make The Cruelest Betrayal Of All?
  20. Could Sunstone Do For Graphic Novels What Fifty Shades Did For Novels?







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