Watch: 1950s-Style Disney Tribute, I Hate You Red Light – Complete With Live Action Intro

Posted by December 22, 2013 Comment

If you’ve ever seen Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color – or, for that matter, Saving Mr Banks – you’ll have some idea of how Walt used to host and present his TV shows. There’s a pastiche of such an intro at the head of this toon, I Hate You Red Light.

It’s not just a meaningless tack-on, as the toon itself is in a 50s Disney style. Or mainly so – you’ll see some aesthetic differences, thanks in part to the more high-tech means of production. Perhaps the iPad in the introduction is more than just a throwaway gag but a wink of acknowledgment.

And now we’re all much better drivers. Thank you for that, Walt Disney MR Horhager and JM Walter.

And thanks to IndieWire for the embed.

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