Kyle Lambert Vs Bryan Hitch – Finger Painting, Finger Tracing Or Something Else?


You might have seen the viral video of a finger painted photorealistic portrait of Morgan Freeman (12 million views in a few days). The artist’s name is Kyle Lambert.


There is some debate as to how the image was created. He did not give credit to the photographer of the Morgan Freeman piece until he was asked.

But he also had a go with the Hulk from The Ultimates comic by Bryan Hitch.


Which rather miffed Bryan.

…when he saw Leo Laporte, who hosts iPad Today, praise him for his talent.

Kyle did then add Bryan Hitch’s details in the description of his YouTube video, but from the reactions you can tell people thought it was his work. Having “COMIC ARTWORK BY KYLE LAMBERT” in the video probably didn’t help.

He also looks a bit like Shia LaBeouf.


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