Sandman Movie Coming Together – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Making Deal To Star And Direct‏ (UPDATE: JGL Confirms, Mentions "Prelude", Working With Gaiman)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt has done so many things – from running his HitRECord creative collective to sitcom acting Third Rock From the Sun, from shoe-shuffling in a music video with Zooey Deschanel to directing Don Jon.

I've given up trying to predict what he might do next, and decided to just hold on tight for the ride.

Even still, this is still quite surprising. According to Deadline, Gordon-Levitt is making a deal with Warner Bros. that will see him not only starring as Dream in a Sandman movie but also directing the picture.

As we told you before, the film is being built from a pitch by David Goyer but the production is looking to hire another writer to actually pen the script.

Could that be Neil Gaiman himself? We can but… er… dream.

I'm curious about Goyer's pitch. Will it adapt the comics at all? If so, which ones? I've been digging for info over the last couple of months and I'm not about to stop now…

Mark adds:  And this evening, we have confirmation from Gordon-Levitt, and… there's potentially a lot of info packed into that little tweet: