Could We See The New Utopians In January?

We were wondering what might be happening with Brian Bendis’ plans for a new superhero comic in the Marvel Universe, The Utopians.

We weren’t the only ones. He was asked:

Hi, a while ago you mentioned a group called The Utopians. Is that still happening? If so is it a new title or just part of an upcoming story? Also any headway on the Heroes For Hire series you were pushing for. I need my Squirrel Girl fix. Lets not forget she is a mutant though too.

And replied:

The utopians will be coming in the next calendar year

it would seem Marvel, at the moment, would rather have me write the X-Men and guardians than heroes for hire. but that could change on a dime.

I too miss writing the word squirrel girl. I will have to rectify that somewhere.

It might be worth noting that the end of this week’s rather wonderful Uncanny X-Men #15.INH, gave us the following promise for January.

new utopia



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