Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – DC Comics Takes Charge

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BM_Cv26_3833kmy0zh_This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

DC Comics take the top three spots without worry this week, with Marvel’s top selling title only getting fifth place. Could an underprint and short shipping have harmed its chances of getting to the top spot? Or are we already suffering Inhumanity ennui?

  1. Batman #26
  2. Justice League #25
  3. Justice League of America #10
  4. Walking Dead #118
  5. Uncanny X-Men #15.INH
  6. Justice League 3000 #1
  7. Superman Wonder Woman #3
  8. Forever Evil Arkham War #3
  9. Nightwing #26
  10. Amazing Spider#Man #700.2

Courtesy of these wonderful retailers:

And what did they have to say?

It was DC’s week – no contest

Batman and Walking Dead had the steady sale of all the titles. I think this week and next will be off since so many books are coming out. I think many customers will be picking and choosing more so due to the over abundance of books shipping before the slow down the following two weeks.

Key issues are on the move with people coming in for Christmas gifts. Walking Dead back-issues are the only books that customers are picking up in general with out key issues, just trying to help loved ones fill in the gaps for their collections.

It is always a good week when the newest Batman arrives. Three Justice titles arriving the same week was also a nice boost for the week. DC owned the week with all the product they released. Inhumanity is having a rough start. More people grumbling about Inhumanity than actually buying into it. It is just to soon of a crossover after Infinity.

Batman back issues from the New 52 are red hot. Along with Nightwing New 52 issues.

People are not feeling the Inhumanity. Tie-ins are not selling. Only 3 Marvel books in my top 20 this week. I’ve only sold 16 copies of Inhumanity (and 3 Inhumanity Awakening) compared to 110 copies of Age of Ultron #10 and 75 copies of Infinity #6. Marvel events are going in the wrong direction. X-books are seeing attrition after the end of Battle of the Atom (21 copy drop in All-New X-Men between the last Battle of the Atom issue and #19.) Hopefully we don’t see the same thing with the Avengers books after Infinity.

Finally a great week for DC after a couple weeks of not much coming from them, so our DC customers were very happy. Seemed like if someone was buying one of the Forever Evil tie-in books, they bought them all. Batman & Walking Dead were both sales Juggernauts as usual. Dead Body Road sold surprisingly well and came in just after our top ten so we’ll give them an honorable mention. Customers have been happy with new Image series so often in 2013 that they are willing to give new #1 issues a try without a second thought.

We’d like to display comics full face, but we’re forced to overlap titles with so many comics released with multiple covers creating shelf space problems. Marvel released two issues of Amazing Spider-man #700. this week and are releasing the last two issues next week. Last month they released two issues of Incredible Hulk one week after another.

Uncanny X-Men might have caught JLA for the #2 spot had we not been shortshipped  a handful.  We have had a couple of questions from customers about it being “underprinted or something”.

Anyways, it’s a good, solid week, with pretty good quality control by Diamond, which really helps a lot.

Nice to see that Astro City has retained  a fair amount of its popularity around here despite the long hiatus

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