The Returning, A New Comic For Boom From Jason Starr And Andrea Mutti

Boom! has launched a number of original non-licensed titles through 2013, including Polarity, Day Men, Six-Gun Gorilla, Suicide Risk, 3 Guns and Imagine Agents. They’ve made a regular appearance on Bleeding Cool’s Advance Reorder lists as retailers increase orders to catch up with demand.

2014 looks to see them doing the same, a new imprint with The Midas Flesh launching from the Adventure Time team, Curse from a quartet of Image creators, Hacktivist from Alyssa Milano, and a Loki book called Loki: Ragnarok and Roll. 

On Friday, we expect Boom! to launch a new series by Wolverine: Max writer and novelist Jason Starr and Star Wars artist Andrea Mutti called The Returning. From what I can gather, the book is about people coming back from near death experiences and losing their minds upon their return.

Flatliners meets The Returned.

And here is a Frazer Irving cover image we believe is from the comic…



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