Supreme Comic Book Trademark Registration From Nuben Azar

Posted by December 9, 2013 Comment

Supreme_002The comic book Supreme. Some will think of the nineties Rob Liefeld comic, with an monstrous out-of-control Superman analogue. Some remember Alan Moore‘s reinvention of the character into a Silver Age pastiche, and subsequent pastiche of many superhero tropes. And some will have enjoyed Erik Larsen reinvention of the character yet again, befio cancellation.

Well it looks as if someone else has plans, for the name at least.

One Nuben Azar of Brooklyn, New York, has filed to register a trademark for “Supreme” for comic books. He has also filed to register “Shazzar” as well…

But, as has been pointed out to me, Supreme is still published and in print in collected form through Image Comics. And I understand this registration is about to be rather strongly challenged…

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