Marvel Plans To Talk To One Hundred Million Potential Comic Book Readers


We ran the glossy foldout in some of this week's Marvel titles. We told you which Marvel .NOW titles would have five or more free issues, digitally, as well as a digital copy of the comic in question. But Marvel have other plans for All New Marvel Now. And some of them involve spending money.

I know. Actual money.

In a press release, Marvel states that their promotion for All New Marvel Now will be "exceeding that of the original Marvel NOW! and any other promotional campaign in Marvel's comic book history" and that their marketing campaign "is estimated to reach 100 million prospective readers – both new and existing!"


Well, if it's 100 million, "existing" is going to be  rather small fraction of that. We're talking less than a percent aren't we? And they are planning to use "vast social media outreach, new levels of targeted web and video advertising, and massive television, streaming and radio campaigns estimated to touch over 100 million consumers."

That means more than a tweet or two. As an ex-radio advertising copywriter, I'll want to keep a keen ear on those…

And while I do enjoy Marvel comic books, and see such promotional activity as a good thing, there was one part of the press release that amused, quoting Joe Taraborrelli, Marvel's Senior Communications Manager, saying "Marvel is producing some of the most eclectic and entertaining stories the world has ever seen."You get one book on the Angouleme Official Selection and suddenly you're eclectic.

THey are also keen to stress they are in it for the retailers too, promising "marketing collateral, in-store trailers, FREE All-New Marvel NOW! Previews samplers, and more."

  All-New Marvel NOW Webskins

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