How Cullen Bunn Planned For The End Of Fearless Defenders

How Cullen Bunn Planned For The End Of Fearless Defenders

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fearless_defenders_03_1With the final issue of Fearless Defenders released this week, Cullen Bunn has been talking about his plans for the series, what would have been and what never was. And how it was originally Valkyrie And The Fearless. Would that have sold better? How Annabelle was never planned as a character, she just emerged when writing issue 1.

Here are five of his more headline worthy points…

  1. I think the only one we were refused from the beginning was Jean Grey. At one point, Will and I lobbied hard for Spider-Girl to join the team, but that didn’t fly. Also, Galacta was the original choice for our cosmic team member, but that was changed at the last minute.
  2. The first issue was originally going to start with Valkyrie beating the snot out of Namor.
  3. Mania was going to join the team. There was going to be a “Young Defenders” group popping up, which would also include Lyra and Loa.
  4. Dani Moonstar was once a Valkyrie. She may wish to become one once again. (This obviously happened, but what didn’t happen… even though I tilted that windmill from issue 1… was the repowering of Dani.)
  5. Owen Grant is furious! How dare a group of all-female superheroes form? Why can’t there be a male Valkyrie? Owen gathers a number of like-minded individuals together to protest Valkyrie’s mission and to try to get a man selected for the cause. They’re harmless (but annoying) at first, but they may become more and more dangerous as time goes on.

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