A Very Close Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

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I won’t be going shot by shot for this breakdown of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer as a lot of shots don’t merit a huge amount of particular comment, but I have pulled a good number of freeze frames from the clip and have arranged those below, with notes.

So, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was filmed in 2D and will be converted to 3D. That won’t effect shots like this one, which will have been created from CG.


But then there’s shots like this which I wish had been filmed in native 3D. Still, conversions are very, very good these days.


One of the big action sequences obviously takes place in Times Square but was largely shot on a set. There’s still space for lots and lots of real-life, real-brand signage. If I freeze-framed every bit of product placement in this trailer we’d be here all day.


There’s a quick glimpse of Paul Giamatti before the top of the cyberRhino wotsit slams down. I can’t make out any sort of in-joke, reference or easter egg on its markings but maybe you can. Do note, though, that it’s marked up in Russian with a red star on the shoulder – so is this an Oscorp invention or not?


A glimpse of a Goblin eye. Looks like Dane DeHaan to me.


And he’s wearing some kind of exosuit (is there any other kind?) that will presumably enhance his strength.


And here’s a mention for the Daily Bugle Tumblr account. I wouldn’t be surprised if this won’t be in the film and is just in the trailer.


Spider-Man should quite clearly be getting shot here. Are they going to try and tell us his costume is bullet proof? Or that Aleksei Sytsevich is a really, really bad shot?


I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but there appears to be a frame in the middle of this swing-by where Spider-Man seems to be part of the billboard behind him.


There are references here to Ravencroft, an Australian project, Weapons systems, exoskeletons, synthetic plants and a lot more. “Venom storage” seems to be of particular note.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 15.23.28

Surveillance of the young Peter Parker? That seems to solidify that he’s the offshoot of an Oscorp experiment.


Why is Gwen Stacy up on Peter’s crazy wall? Has she gone missing? Or does he just like sticking pictures of his girl on things?


We’re in a secret lab hidden in a subway train below some tracks. Probably. But do note the web on the right hand side of the monitor. Coincidence, motif or clue? And that’s just Roosevelt, spelled incorrectly, right?


Vulture and Doc Ock easter eggs ahoy.


I don’t know who this is.


Electro without much matter to his being. That should make him quite tricky… if there’s no water around.


Is this our only look at Felicity Jones in this trailer? If she’s inside Oscorp, and she’s a girlfriend to Harry… could she really be Felicia Hardy? Depends on how freewheeling the filmmakers have been with her backstory.


Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn, not looking at his best. If only there were some sort of experimental treatment he could try.


Peter’s pop, fighting in a flashback. Is this in his top-secret subway car lab? Looks like it might be, but as you’ll see later in the trailer, it’s onboard a plane.


Peter Parker, photographer, is a fan of Blow Up. I suppose he would be.


Pink Goblin.


Harry’s transformation sequence?


On set, this jacket looked The Night Gwen Stacy Died green. Now it looks Just Another Night For Gwen Stacy dyed blue. A misdirect?


This is Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson. For sure. For definite. So… she will be in the film after all, or they’re just using this car-crunching moment for a bit of extra oomph?


shailene crush taxi

Quite a lot of surprises in this trailer, I think, not least the appearance of Ms. Woodley.

What is going on?

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