Gun-Toting Obama Takes On The Confederate Flag In The Other Dead #4 (SPOILERS)

Posted by December 4, 2013 Comment

Other Dead #4 Cover A

Here’s the variant cover to The Other Dead #4, the zombie animal comic published by IDW, in which President Obama gets involved during a zombie animal outbreak.

The variant cover on the first issue promised a gun toting President, but the insides didn’t deliver, the only person who has spend time in the White House in the issue to pick up a boom stick was Dick Cheney.

This time? It might not just be the zombie animals he has to worry about.


But the big question, aside from headline grabbing covers, does the President pack heat? Well, spoiler goggles on, because, with permission of the comic’s writer Josh Ortega, here are the final three panels of next week’s The Other Dead, which should answer your questions. And possibly up the orders for issue five…



The Other Dead #4 by Joshua Ortega, Digger Mesch and Qing Ping Mui is published a week today from IDW.

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