A Good Look At The Amazing Spider-Man’s Green Goblin Answers The Father Or Son Question‏

Kudos to Twitter user Tupacca, who is presumably a West Coast Alpacca, for taking a nice, clean shot of a detail from the recent Amazing Spider-Man poster.

The whole thing is a mess of images inside images, villains lining up to cause mischief and, as is the poster convention these days, the back of our hero. I blame Doom, Castle Wolfenstein 3D at a pinch.

But this detail… this is just the Green Goblin. Or Hobgoblin. Or whatever they call him. As you can see, this appears to be a mutated Dane DeHaan, not Chris Cooper, so we’re going to be seeing Osborn Jr. on the sky glider this time.


Thanks to Collider for the heads up.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer will be along on Thursday. It features a glimpse or two of the Rhino armour but not, as far as I know, even a frame of Goblin action. The film itself is slotted in for May 2nd next year. Time for a whole lot of “too many villains” whining between now and then so… give it the night off, maybe?