See The Wall-E And Toy Story Lego Kits Designed By Pixar’s Angus MacLane

In theory, Lego’s Cuusoo scheme is a very good thing indeed but, in practice, it has gone rather badly. Consider the Back to the Future kit which, in its initial design, was eminently desirable but, when it was finally released this summer, was lacking a lot of the intended charm.

Two new submissions to the scheme have been designed by Pixar’s Cubedude Angus MacLane, director of Presto, Burn-E and Toy Story of Terror. Again, at this stage, they look tremendous.

Here’s his Wall-E.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 22.27.34

walle2 walle3

Yes, I’d buy that.

And here’s his Lego Bunny, a character he created for Toy Story of Terror. Knowing MacLane was a complete Lego nut, this character’s scenes were a particular treat.

lego bunny

Now, I’d buy either of those, gladly, if they followed these designs. This is some top-tier Lego engineering.

But before we can get to that point, they have to make it through Lego Cuusoo’s selection process – and that starts with a public vote. To get the Lego panel to consider these for construction and sale, each has to receive 10,000 public “likes.”

So like the Cussoo Wall-E and Lego Bunny and keep your fingers crossed that Lego will stick to MacLane’s designs if they give either or both the go ahead.