Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes – The Return of The Night Of The Living Deadpool

There's a switch around for creative teams and stories on A Plus X #16 and #17 from Marvel.

The first, with creative teams Gerry Dugan and Jeff Loveness as writers, Paco Diaz and David Yardin as artists, will now be the second. And the second with Gerry Dugan and Sean Ryan as writers, and David Yardin and Goran Parlov, will now be the first.

hulkIndestructible Hulk #17 will now be drawn by Miguel Angel Sepulveda instead of Clay Mann.

Wolverine MAX #15 will know be drawn by Felix Ruiz, not Roland Boschi.

Night Of The Living Deadpool #2 was missed out of January solicitations, only #1 appeared in Marvel Previews. It will be out on January 29th, matched to other orders…

And sorry folks, no more Milo Manara variant cover for Amazing X-Men #2. Instead you'll get a Pitt-worthy Dale Keown variant.


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