First Appearance Of The Justice League In The Brave And The Bold #28 Hits Record $120,000

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You could see this one coming over the past few months.  With widespread belief that DC/WB is building towards making the Justice League a more mainstream property in film and/or television, copies of the team’s first appearance in The Brave and the Bold #28 by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky have been going crazy at auction recently.

To throw out one fresh example, a CGC 6.5 copy sold for $6111 on ebay yesterday. You could get a copy in that grade for around $3000 last year.

Now comes word that a high grade CGC 9.2 copy has been sold by Pedigree Comics for $120,000, far and away a record price for the issue in any grade.  A census-topping CGC 9.4 copy sold for $60,375 nearly a decade ago.  There are two copies graded CGC 9.2, two copies graded CGC 9.4, and none higher.

There’s an interesting underlying dynamic going along with this, as DC/WB’s current forays into film and tv continue to spin up:  DC Silver Age keys are far, far tougher (along with being a bit earlier chronologically) in grade than Marvel keys are.  For example, while there are only four copies of The Brave and the Bold #28 in CGC 9.2 or higher, there are 23 copies of Avengers #1 currently certified in that grade range.

I doubt this is the last record DC Silver Age sale of significance we’ll have seen before the end of the year.


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