Will Smith To Star In Fantasy Story The City That Sailed‏

052212-blogs-will-smith 20th Century Fox have been looking to make The City That Sailed for a good long time, and for at least the last few years, it was their hope that Will Smith would star.

The premise is simple: Manhattan breaks free from the United States of America and heads for Europe. It's all because of the power of love, of course – a young woman in London is missing her dad so much that she's just pulling the island towards her. Smith will be the dad… will his daughter be the daughter? I wouldn't bet against it.

According to Deadline, the new draft of the screenplay is being written by Audrey Wells, director of Under the Tuscan Sun and a real favourite of mine. The Truman Show and In Time's Andrew Niccol was the man behind earlier drafts.

The last director attached was Smith's I Am Legend colleague, Francis Lawrence, but he's up to his eyeballs in Hunger Games sequels right now so Shawn Levy has now taken up the reigns and will take the seat once he's done with Night at the Museum. I think Levy did a great job with Real Steel, and this film has the same blend of father-child drama, fantasy concepts and big FX spectacle.

All in all, I think this is about as appealing a Will Smith vehicle as you could propose to me right now.