Geoff Johns Confirms Big Changes At DC Comics In April – Including Booster Gold?

52 #15A couple of days ago, we ran the news that DC Comics, at least the New 52 publishing line would undergo some major changes. New books, new creators, that kind of thing.

As if by magic, in a DC PR-arranged interview with Newsarama, DC CCO Geoff Johns pretty much confirmed it.

But in this series we have a lot of big surprises, big changes, and come April the DC Universe will be a very different place leading into and throughout 2014. The first phase of the New 52 is drawing to a close and as Forever Evil wraps up a new phase begins — one that will see the introduction, and re-introduction, of a lot of characters, concepts and a decidedly new center to the DC universe. Keep your eyes on Lex. He’s the one to watch.

We have also heard repeatedly that there is a new Booster Gold series on the way… could this be a possible moment to take the bull by the horns? I understand creators have been asked to pitch a grimmer and grittier version of the character. Certainly the time travel nature of his background, and his previously seen desire to stop a Superman/Wonder Woman coupling would also make him a prime target for the Five Years Later event in September and spinoff weekly series.

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