Final, Movie-Style Trailer For Bad Robot’s Almost Human‏

Some TV shows get away with lacklustre material because they’ve got a winning cast. The minute Karl Urban was booked for Almost Human the show bought itself a lot of goodwill and at least a few episodes to get its act into gear before I’ll start throwing my remotes at the TV off switch.

And from watching the various promos for the series so far, it’s looking like Michael Ealy is a real asset too. Won’t say I wasn’t pleased to see Lili Taylor either.

This last trailer, ahead of the show’s premiere on Sunday, is being billed as a “Movie Trailer.” I guess the green title card at the start was enough to earn it that name? Maybe the extended running time?


There’s apparently a competition going on, inviting entrants to recut and remix that trailer. What do you win? Well, Fox will use your trailer through their official channels if they like it. So… nothing, really. Best of luck!