First Look Video: New Batman Arcade Game Will Let You Race Movie Batmobiles

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While most of my video gaming in the guise of Batman has been of the on-foot variety (think Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond) I did enjoy the little bit of Batmobile time Sega gave me in the early 90s.

A whole arcade machine based on driving the Batmobile does sound like fun. Expensive fun. It’d probably be cheaper to actually buy one than to pump in enough coins that you’d get through seeing the whole thing.

These videos are our first look at the game. Thanks to Arcade Heroes and for the heads up.

The game’s director, Steven Ranck, is promising that the gameplay will be easy to grasp but still afford incredible stunts:

We knew the Batmobile had to drive really fast to give the player the level of excitement we wanted but being able to take 90 degree corners at city intersections while driving hundreds of miles-per-hour was a real challenge, and often resulted with the Batmobile slamming into the buildings on the opposite side of the road. To solve this, Specular engineered a unique driving physics model that allows players of any skill level to drive the Batmobile at insane speeds and still make those 90 degree corners like a pro Hollywood stunt driver, and without giving up any player control over the car.

How is that going to work? You either take away my control or you see me crash. Those are the only two options, surely?

The game will apparently include every Batmobile as well as the flying Bat from The Dark Knight Rises – which I’ll also be crashing with the very same steering wheel.

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