Surprise: Girls’ Adam Driver Likely To Play Nightwing In The Batman-Superman Movie

Posted by November 8, 2013 Comment

adam driverI think Adam Driver‘s work as Adam Sackler in Girls is one of the most captivating, provocative and interesting turns on TV. He’s a very compelling actor with a strange charisma and the way he turns a line is often unpredictable, exquisite and laser-perfect.

When I saw him popping up in Gap photoshoots, however, the fit didn’t seem right.

And now it’s quite befuddling to see him emerge as a real candidate for the role of Nightwing in the Batman-Superman film. The news broke at The Wrap.

There’s an ever increasing list of “name” characters being associated with this picture. There’s still a few that haven’t been mentioned in the trades as yet, and which… folk are sitting on. I’m trying to verify a few facts and, if I can, I’ll bring word to you here. I don’t want to take a punt on what might just be misinformation and tattle, but I will say that a good number of character names are going round, both male and female, clad in black rubber, red cape or green hood. All sorts of folk, as yet unverified.

For now, however, I think we really can expect Dick Grayson to show up in the film alongside Batman and Superman, and most likely under the Nightwing guise. I would never have expected Adam Driver in a million years, but honestly, I think he’s great, so I’m very excited to see what he can do with this.

I’m hoping Kevin Smith does his duty and at least tries to dig into this with Zack Snyder during the Man of Steel promo webcast tomorrow.

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