JJ Abrams And Neil Gaiman Discuss Storytelling, Books And British Actors Being Essential To Star Wars

Posted by November 8, 2013 Comment

JJ Abrams is doing the rounds promoting his new book, and he sits down here with Neil Gaiman for BBC Newsnight. It’s a pretty nice interview, almost 15 minutes long, and they get into a lot of stuff like the importance of libraries, the dichotomy of his very special effects driven films and doing a completely analog book, high art, low art, etc.

Of course, Gaiman had to ask about Star Wars, not so subtly referencing those Benedict Cumberbatch rumors, and Abrams doesn’t exactly deny it, so yes, more of the same on that front. The Star Wars stuff is after the 12:00 mark towards the very end, in case that’s all you’re here for.

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