Report: A Series Of Young Actors Are Up For The Roles Of John And Sarah Connor In The New Terminator

terminator skeletonAll credit to Schmoes Know for what seems like a pretty sound bit of preliminary casting info on the new Terminator seqboot.

According to their unnamed source, the actors in contention for both Sarah and John Connor in the movie are approximately the same age – or at the very least, far from a plausible mother-son age divide.

They’re listing Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson and Margot Robbie as contenders for the role of Sarah Connor – this would be just one of very many parts that Robbie is up for right now, so it seems very likely she’ll break through in a big way over the next year or so. With Terminator? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Then for the role of John the story says that Garret Hedlund and Boyd Holbrook are contenders. Not quite as exciting as the girls.

The similar ages could mean that there are two separate time periods portrayed in the film – as per the first Terminator, in a sense – or that young John meets mom in her youth, somhow. That’d be a different spin.

At least, different from the earlier Terminator films. Not so different from the Back to the Future series, perhaps…

…and I’m now just mentally replaying scenes of Lorraine and Marty with Sarah and John in their place. Brilliantly awkward.

Terminator should get rolling in the new year, likely under director Alan Taylor, likely with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the cast somewhere.