The Comics Industry Celebrates The Work Of Nick Cardy

Tim Carson writes for Bleeding Cool.

It is a cold and quiet sort of morning. Frost glitters from the hoods of cars and clings to the branches of trees; winter is swiftly arriving. The world has become its own canvas – the once green leaves of spring have faded into oranges and yellows, or some mixture of the two. This brittle, beautiful morning comes on the heels of Nick Cardy's passing. Artists and comic lovers around the world mourn for the loss, and the internet is abuzz and alive with words of respect and acknowledgement for Cardy's contribution to the world of comics:

To celebrate an artist, a creator of beauty, we must create beauty ourselves. Or, for those of us without the gift of creation but blessed with appreciation, we must acknowledge the beauty around us.

In honor of Nick Cardy:

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