Samuel L. Jackson Joining John Cusack In Movie Of Stephen King’s Cell

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samuel l jackson I was considerably more interested in the big screen interpretation of Cell when Eli Roth was writing and directing and not The Last House on the Left’s Adam Alleca and Paranormal Activity 2’s Kip Williams. Okay, Stephen King has apparently co-written the script himself but… well… Maximum Overdrive.

And unfortunately, the casting of John Cusack and now Samuel L. Jackson can only go so far to spike my apathy. We’ve all seen them both be perfectly fine in plenty of mediocre films by now, not to mention the odd awful one.

According to Deadline, Jackson is attached to play:

Tom McCourt, an engineer and former soldier who with Cusack’s Clay Riddell character flees from Boston as the world turns mad thanks to the phones.

Production is due to kick off early in the New Year so we might just see this in time for Hallowe’en 2014.

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