Watch: First Episode Of Vincenzo Natali’s Darknet Builds To A Great Pay Off

Darknet is a horror anthology series revolving around a website of the same name. The episodes are set to screen on TV in Canada with the first, seemingly self -contained episode already available online for the rest of us.

I just watched this first instalment before breakfast. Maybe not the ideal time for this kind of thing but I was certainly drawn in pretty quickly. Writer-director Vincenzo Natali has really nailed the atmosphere in the most suspenseful scenes – for full effect, watch it on your biggest screen and preferably in a quiet place.

There are two story threads in this instalment. The one with David Hewlett certainly has its moments – not to mention David Hewlett – but its the one with Michelle Alexander that I really, really enjoyed.



Incidentally, Natali’s latest feature, Haunter, is available as VOD right now and comes highly recommended. I understand it’s also playing in some cinemas too, if you’re lucky enough to live in the right areas.