The Latest Clip From Nymphomaniac Finally Goes All The Way

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So far, nothing we’d seen from Nymphomaniac had actually featured any of the sex that the story is apparently so concerned with.

Now though, things have gotten rather Not Safe For Work. Indeed, I’m a little surprised this clip has been hosted on YouTube, but so it has. “You’ll never look at Shia LaBeouf in quite the same way again,” and so on…

So Lars Von Trier is playing with split screens. I can see how he might have a lot of fun with this, though I might worry that the juxtapositions might be a touch too much of the “train going into a tunnel” variety. Still, the chapter heading of Little Organ School makes it pretty clear that there’s a certain amount of cheekiness at work.

And the split screen stuff is on-theme too, with the official blurb for this chapter reading:

A chorale prelude by Bach: Three voices each with its own character, but in complete harmony. In other words: POLYPHONY

The nymphomaniac is easily inspired, and acts it out.

Nymphomaniac opens in Denmark at Christmas, at least in its softcore form. The fully-explicit edit is apparently targeted on Cannes. Like a missile.

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