Have The Hollywood Reporter Just Spoiled A Key Twist From The Lego Movie?‏


Consider this a public service announcement. If you don’t want to stumble into what may be a key Lego Movie plot point where you might not expect one, stay clear of the Hollywood Reporter article First-Look: New LEGO Set based on the Upcoming Movie. Actually, stay clear of this story too, because the irony is, I kind of have to shine a torch on the spoiler to warn you off of it.

So, as well as running an image of the set – innocuous enough, you can see it above – The Hollywood Reporter throw out a couple of possibly better-left-secret points.

The first is something you probably worked out from the trailers and clips. They say:

The major draw here is President Business, voiced by Will Ferrell, who is only glimpsed in the trailer for like half a second. This version of the character is called Lord Business.

Not too bad, because their comment is vague and it’s already obvious something was going on with Business and his changing hair/headgear. But later… the spoiler comes along…

Other characters in the set include Emmet (the movie’s lead, voiced by Chris Pratt) plus Vitruvius, Ma Cop, Pa Cop, Lord Business and wrestler/Master Builder, El Macho Wrestler, and brick-built Biznis Kitty, a different version of Unikitty. (The latter two are brand new creations.)

I think they may have revealed the identity of the real Master Builder there, and it’s not Emmet. I expect this will be a third act reveal.

Well, there you go. I’m not sure if I’ve made this worse or not.

In any case, all the plot point reveals in the world won’t take the steam out of the film’s jokes, charming faux-stop motion animation and high energy.

The Lego Movie is released next February 14th. I can’t wait.