Thursday Runaround - My Little Pony Beats Sandman

Thursday Runaround – My Little Pony Beats Sandman

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The Bleeding Cool Fan Award-nominated graphic novel The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins has found itself on a slightly more prestigious award list, The Waterstones Book The The Year, where it is up against Booker Prize winner Julian Barnes‘ Levels Of Life.

It already beat out Chris Ware‘s Building Stories at the 9th Art Awards, can it claim the Waterstones Prize as well?


Joe Quesada reacts to the news of DC moving to Burbank.

I have to honestly say that it breaks my heart…

To me, comics are New York City and New York City is comics. We all know that the first character to put his underwear on over his pants was created in Cleveland, but it was New York City that gave him his start. It was New York City that provided the spotlight and it was here that he and all those that followed in his footsteps became famous. So to see a piece of that publishing tradition shift to the West coast saddens me, because it’s the end of an era and yes, while I’ve always loved to tweak our crosstown pals, New York City will admittedly be a little diminished by DC’s absence.


IDW’s My Little Pony monsters the new launch of Sandman Overture on Apple’s iBooks…

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.03.53 AM


The Daily Beast decides to reprint the sex scene from the original comic version of Blue Is The Warmest Color. Since there’s so much fuss about the film version that they can’t reproduce…


Have you been Bitstripped yet?

It is a little depressing for some “The Bitstrips craze has truly started with the app on iPhone and Android, which now means my feed is full of these unfunny and stupid Bitstrips photos”, said one Facebook user. Another added, “I am so happy I found a way to block Bitstrips from my Facebook, I couldn’t stand to see another one appear”.


Comics Alliance lists out Jim Lee’s rejection letters from Marvel and DC. Love the one about him looking like four different artists…

PAGE 45 x 2

Nottingham comic shop Page 45 has been named the city’s best independent business for the second year in a row.

It was described as “a total treasure” by the judges, who faced a tough decision picking a winner from so many strong entries in the retail and leisure sector.

Stephen L Holland, co-owner of Page 45, in Market Street, thanked loyal customers for nominating the shop. “You get back what you give. To win a second time, I’m speechless – and that never happens.



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