Is Obama Acting Like Lex Luthor? ARGUS As An NSA For Superheroes…

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Files from Edward Snowden Orbital Comics have been handed to this website implicating President Obama in setting up of a body with a secret agenda to spy on the superhero elements of this country, to run suspicionless searches on their activities, and to keep the truth of the matter from the American people.

And they have been published in the Guardian newspaper today’s Forever Evil crossover, A.R.G.U.S.

First, there’s the meeting. A sounding out by Obama of a fine man, Colonel Steve Trevor.


Which is all well and good, but what about the rest of them. Time for a President Obama soliloquy, delivered with his back to the audience, facing the American people!


Which is… a but of a Lex Luthor arguments, isn’t it? Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but, you know…


It’s the NSA for superheroes, instead of.. well, Angela Merkel. An Obama conspiracy, hidden behind the face of respectability. And what a pretty face it is!


And all the technology he needs! To spy on the great and the good, with a direct command from the highest authority in the land! As long as it’s not to, you know, keep a government healthcare website working, or anything.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, currently running their Mark Buckingham Fables exhibition and next week host a conversation with Blue Is The Warmest Color’s Julia Maroh.

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