A Comic Show - Saga And Sandman

A Comic Show – Saga And Sandman

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Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop writes;

Hey Fandom! I’m back with more New Comic Now! This week week have Sandman, Saga, Infinity, and a buncha New 52 Annuals!

First, I tacked Infinity and how much I squeed for the Thor moment in last issue. This one was Avengers Worlds, and Avengers #22 was also pretty fun. Guardians of the Galaxy was worth it just for the artwork, but the what happened in the Cancerverse scene got me going. Superior Spider-man had a crazy take on the Black Cat/Spidey flirt fest. I forgot to cover the final X-Men Battle of the Atom, but all I could do was give spoilers anyway. I’ve read Amazing X-Men #1 (coming in two weeks) and that was heavenly. Nightcrawler in heaven, and bamps.

This is a fifth week Wednesday, so DC has a slew of annuals for us. I mention them all and who should read what. My picks are Green Lantern and Swamp Thing. Damian Son of Batman #1 was good, no it’s not Morrison, but it is Kubert. This is the origin of Batman 666. I enjoyed seeing our little psychopath all grown up. And the Batman Death of the Family hardcover had a gross cover gimmick. It work though.

Sandman Overture was beautiful. It was nostalgic and fresh at the same time. If you ever liked Sandman, you deserve this in your life. This is not some exploitative sequel or prequel, this is a real story that Gaiman left untold until now. Saga #15 was a perfect issue that made me feel all the feels. This book blends sex, romance, violence, war, politics, and humor together in a way that just has me mesmerized for 22 pages every time.

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