Why Greenwich Is So Important To Thor The Dark World


I’m hoping this is not going to be too much of a spoiler. But for those of you going to see Thor The Dark World, the following information may actually be useful.

Last night, our clocks changed from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time. Which means, for a couple of weeks, we are only four hours ahead of New York, and only seven of Los Angeles.

Greenwich Mean Time is so named as it was the average observed solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, and then became the global standard for time around the world, everyone’s time zone measured as to how it departed from Greenwich. It also was given the longitude of zero degrees. It is for all intents and purposes, the centre of time and space.

Which is why it’s so important in Thor The Dark World. Except none of this is actually mentioned. It may have got lost in the cut. Stonehenge also pops up, but that’s better known around the world on a cultural basis, but Greenwich is less so. Well, now you know.

Greenwich is also the scene of the final climatic battle in Thor The Dark World, much as Manhattan was for The Avengers. And it, along with the Old Royal Naval College suffers a similar fate.

Here’s a quick guide to Greenwich… in more peaceful times.


The town centre. Even the McDonalds here had to be painted green to fit in better.


The Royal Observatory where the date line runs through…


And here’s that date line.


The Old Royal Naval College that… takes a bit of a battering. Shush. No spoilers.


Ans the Greenwich pedestrian tunnel – which it seems they filmed in but, again, never made the final cut. Shame, it looks like it’s waiting to be a film set.

Oh and also Thor? There is no way to get from Charing Cross on the tube to Greenwich in three stops. You’ll need the train for that…

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