Lying In The Gutters - 28th October 2013

Lying In The Gutters – 28th October 2013

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This morning I walked a quarter marathon in the wind and the rain so I wouldn’t have to pay a booking fee on some stage tickets. So what did you get up to?

  1. Alan Taylor And Kevin Feige Express Rather Different Opinions About Thor The Dark World Credits
  2. Wolverine Will Never Have Sex Again
  3. The Biggest Loki Spoiler From Tomorrow’s Young Avengers Possible Presented By Tom Hiddleston
  4. The End Of Mark Waid’s Daredevil?
  5. Image Comics Pulls Pretty Deadly From Comics Ink
  6. A Pretty Ripped Up Comic?
  7. First Footage From X-Men: Days Of Future Past
  8. No, Big Bang Theory, That Is Not A First-Edition Of The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
  9. Marvel Spoils Big Iron Man Twist Across Entertainment Media
  10. Trailer For Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  11. Angela, Jean Grey And Ms Marvel – Some Fun Theories
  12. About Those Thor: The Dark World Avengers Cameos
  13. Owner Of Comics Ink Apologises To Image, Kelly Sue DeConnick And Emma Rios
  14. Carrie Kelley Dropped Off The Masthead Of Batman And…
  15. “No One Talks Trash Like Brandon Graham, No One” – Rob Liefeld
  16. Ben Kingsley Has Already Filmed Another Marvel Movie Project
  17. Mike Young – The Rob Granito Of 2013
  18. A New Doom Patrol, Teased In Today’s Justice League
  19. Identity Of Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers Accidentally Spoiled

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Thirty-Three Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics
  2. Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Closed Circuit, Cloudy 2, Hummingbird And Thor: The Dark World
  3. DC Comics’ Gay Teenager Who Prays To God – And Gets Answers
  4. The Day Of The Doctor Will Last Just 82 Minutes, Contain “Mild Violence And Threat”
  5. How I Pitched My Book To Mark Millar In An Elevator
  6. Amazing New Teaser For Studio Ghibli’s Tale Of The Bamboo Cutter Is Striking And Distinctive
  7. Both Pretty Deadly #1 And Velvet #1 Sell Out Of Their 57,000 Print Runs
  8. First Teaser Poster For Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Gives Us A Great Look At The Characters
  9. “Women. Know Your Limits.” Kelly Sue DeConnick And The Smurfette Principle
  10. John Crowley On The Private And Public Morality Of Closed Circuit



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