Jaime Murray On Fright Night, The Countess Bathory And The Appeal Of Vampire Myths

Jaime Murray On Fright Night, The Countess Bathory And The Appeal Of Vampire Myths

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jaime murray fright night 2Fright Night Part 2 might be The New Blood but its heart beats to a rhythm that has echoed down the decades. Not only is it very much a Fright Night film, a series that goes back to 1985’s surprise hit, but it’s part of the eternal, ever-mutating genre of vampire stories.

I spoke to Jaime Murray, the new film’s chief villainess, about the appeal of these stories, and about the other blood myth that her particular character brings into play – that of the Countess Bathory.

I think that why it’s so popular with teenagers is because it’s about understanding that however seductive, interesting and attractive the outside might be at first, ultimately, there’s somewhere else this leads you to. I think this film tells that myth very well. And Fright Night 2 is a comedy horror so it’s creepy but it also has the humour of Charlie dealing with his own feelings.

I think we’re interested in psychopaths. I think it’s that “there but for the grace of God” idea. We see somebody who has lost all sense of morals and humanity and what we’d consider being part of society, and I think it’s particularly difficult to look at those ugly elements when they’re in women.

Not only was Countess Elizabeth Bathory a murderer and capricious and narcissistic but also, the reason she did what she did was so shallow. The myth around her tells us that one day, this angry, aggressive woman hit one of her handmaidens and when the blood of the handmaiden fell on her skin, she decided it had anti-ageing qualities.

Yes, that’s definitely a rather unattractive idea. Well, in a person, at least. In a movie villain, it can be just the beginning of what makes them worth watching.

Thanks again to Jaime for taking the time to talk to me. Fright Night Part 2 is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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