Blimey The Veronica Mars Movie Looks Good – New Footage Explains The Set-Up

There are several brilliant little character beats, gags and story ideas on display in this new Veronica Mars featurette. These writers know these characters and this world so intimately and flex those muscles in perfect tune.

Honestly, this film is right at the top of my Most Wanted list because it just seems to be bang-on, centre of target, delivering-what-it-promises stuff. I hope I’m right.


But will one movie be enough? Three seasons of a TV show weren’t so I don’t know what 90-odd minutes will do to feed the appetite in the long terms.

So here’s hoping this movie is enough of a hit… or, hell, even if it isn’t, let’s just all dip into our pockets again. I don’t regret paying a couple of hundred dollars for this.