A Rescue Dog Turned Superhero Goes to Kickstarter With All Ages Appeal

A Rescue Dog Turned Superhero Goes to Kickstarter With All Ages Appeal

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An all ages comic that speaks to both animal lovers and superhero fans casts a wide net to get into people’s hearts. A Piggy’s Tale is one of those remarkably inclusive projects that has a message as well as a story. Written by Todd Emko and based on his experiences with a rescue dog, Piggy, from the Dominican Republic, who now resides with Emko in New York, “A Piggy’s Tale” is live on Kickstarter for its first two issues with a wide range of rewards from buttons to stickers, totebags, t-shirts, and the promise of comics as early as the holidays under some backer options. The team are even developing a video game for early 2014 release.


Drawn by the influential webcomic creator Ethan Young, whose long-running project Tails has garnered a wide fanbase and gone to print in its first volume, the artwork on Piggy is bright, energetic, and memorable, making those t-shirts and bags particularly enviable. Young is not a newcomer to discussing animals and their impact on our lives since Tails features cat rescue and transformation into feline avatars as a persistent theme. He’s right at home with Piggy, a tale of an unlikely hero in a three-legged dog with extensive hair loss who takes up a superhero role after his rescue in a desire to rescue others. Through his super-powered sense of empathy for sensing “mental and physical distress” he can home in on those most in need of aid to pursue his rescue adventures.


Piggy is already gaining significant interest on Kickstarter in a campaign that ends on November 20th, and given the subject matter, the potential for a diverse appeal to interests, and the experienced artist on the project, it’s a strong bet for success. The only question is whether you’ll take part in a project that speaks to animal rescue needs, the resilience of animals, and the hero spirit that can spring up in a definitive “underdog”.

You can find A Piggy’s Tale here on Kickstarter.

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