A Cut That Could Pierce The Universe Itself - Sons Of Fate

A Cut That Could Pierce The Universe Itself – Sons Of Fate

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Jean-Paul Deshong writes for Bleeding Cool:

“The swing of your sword SHOULD pierce the universe itself!”…. The OLD WARRIOR, , the IMPRESSIONABLE BOY, and the fate of FEUDAL Japan….SONS OF FATE  now on Kickstarter!

photo 1“When you  swing of your sword will have the intent of cutting into the universe itself. Swing with your whole being, If true your will will carry through your swing, it will be a true cut.  A cut that could pierce the universe itself.  Only a swing like that can be a cut that carries ideals, a cut that reveals who you are.” Cool, huh! Sone of the many great and insightful lines form Sons of Fate, graphic novel now live in Kickstarter.  The story is about An old samurai warrior on his way home from a long trade mission bequeathed to him by the Shogun himself in the Tokugawa period in japanese history. On his way back to his home , and family, through unpreventable  circumstances his fleet is met with disaster and he is marooned on the coast of Africa. Stranded and alone he is saved by a young boy from a wandering tribe. The child  curious about the world outside of his surroundings. and through circumstances ( don’t want to totally spoil what happens), is taken on by the samurai  as his apprentice, and that’s where the fun begins! Its Obi -Wan mets Luke, trained as a jedi who then goes forth to forge the universe they inhabit, wrapped in a east meets west samurai epic!

photo 2Son’s of Fate (origins) is a prequel story that chronicles what happens to the protagonist and the events that lead up to his arrival in Japan, and the subsequent events that happen after. “Origins” is the story that not chronicles the fate of Daiki, and Kamau, but also those who encompass their lives, and the history of Japan itself!

photo 3The title Son’s of Fate is tied to a simple theme which is the book’s mantra. A simple ideology that no matter how random things may see, only in the end, after all the connections are made, does one see the purpose of those events.

Jean- Paul Deshong, artist from titles Damsels (Mermaids), by Dynamite Entertainment, Neverland, by Zenescope Entertainment, and Big Bad Wolf, By Arch Enemy Entertainment, now brings you his samurai epic and what happens when strangers from distant lands are brought together through circumstance…. now on Kickstarter.

photo 4Now available on Kickstarter. All supporters will receive content exclusive content only available through the Kickstarter project regardless of future releases. Further more, any supporter who contributed to the book through Bleeding cool will receive ” exclusive”, exclusive ( THAT’S RIGT… TWO EXCLUSVES) content, according to the level at which they contribute. the levels are as follows:


$1 PLEDGE : will receive a “Exclusive “,exclusive  BLEEDING COOL pdf print on story’s conclusion NOT included with previous desktops

$15 pledge “Exclusive”,exclusive BLEEDING COOL physical digital color print not included with set of other prints

$20- $25 pledge will receive ” exclusive”, exclusive BLEEDING COOL print  11x 17 print signed by artist.

$35-75 pledge “exclusive” exclusive BLEEDING COOL platinum 13x 19  print signed by artist. and “sneak peek” ashcan comic of whats to come!

$125 pledge : “Exclusive”, exclusive  BLEEDING COOL HAND -DRAWN PRINT  with personal thank you for support autograph.

photo 5Hurry and get while the gettin’s good! DONT LET THESE OFFERS SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS! Take a look, see why Sons of Fate begs the question of what happens when a solider from the east and a impressionable child from western lands are brought together through unforeseen circumstances… and FATE?

All rewards are included with content of previous rewards. When contributing through Bleeding cool, please write  ‘I bleed cool” with your contact info.  Content will be distributed  ONLY IF  Initial goal is reached. ‘Nuff said. Thanks for the support. Spread the word.


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